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Citadel of Jaca

Local name: Ciudadela de Jaca

The Jaca Citadel is also known as San Pedro Castle and was built between the 16th and 17th centuries by order of King Philip II. The building was declared a national monument. The monumental fortress is a masterpiece of military architecture. Armed bastions and an excellent drawbridge will delight not only military enthusiasts.

The fortress was established as the main point of the dense defense network of the Pyrenees, whose task was to protect Spain from the invasion of France. The author of the amazing project, whose main weight was on the armament, was the Italian engineer Tiburcio Spannocchi. The fortress has remained virtually intact since its construction. A slight renovation of the facility took place only in the second half of the year. Of the 20th century.

One of the citadel's buildings houses the extraordinary Museum of Military Miniatures. A unique collection of nearly 32,000 figures recreates over 20 scenarios of the largest battles in human history.

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