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Roman bridge

Local name: Puente Romano

The Roman Bridge was built in the 1st century BC during the time of Emperor Augustus. The building connects the banks of the Guadalquivir River and up to the second half The twentieth century was the only bridge in Cordoba. The building's showcase is 16 characteristic Moorish arches. The phenomenal bridge with a length of over 300 meters is an ideal viewpoint for the beautiful panorama of the old town.

The initiative to build the bridge was the desire of the Romans to replace the previous wooden structure. Over the years, the object has been rebuilt and transformed many times. Currently, only the fourteenth and fifteenth arches come from the original building. The last reconstruction of the bridge took place in 2006.

At the southern end of the building is the 12th century Torre de la Calahorra. The restored tower is the seat of an interactive museum. Its purpose is to present the common, everyday life of three great cultures in the Middle Ages, whose representatives inhabited Cordoba at the time.


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