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Canelobres Cave

Local name: Cova dels Canelobres

The Canelobre Cave was created in the Mesozoic era and is still growing. Inside you can admire the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and captivating water holes. It is considered the highest cave in Spain, and its vault is over 70 meters. From the observation deck, there is a fantastic panorama of the mountains and the sea. The showcase of the object are rocks, which take on unusual shapes, such as the head of a jellyfish or a dragon.

The entrance to the cave is at an altitude of over 700 m above sea level. It was knocked out by the Republican army in the first half. Of the 20th century. During the war, they produced ammunition and repaired aircraft in the cave.

'Canelobre' literally means Spanish for candelabrum. The name of the cave comes from one of the characteristic stalagmites, which resembles this type of candlestick.


Attractions inside

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