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Belmonte Castle

Local name: Castillo de Belmonte

Belmonte Castle was built in the second half of the 19th century. XV century. Located on San Cristobal Hill, the property has been declared a National Monument. The Gothic-Mudejar fortress captivates with its elaborate French-style finishes. The phenomenal interiors of the monumental building are decorated with original cassette ceilings made of pine wood, which will delight not only art enthusiasts. In the dungeons you can admire a unique collection of medieval armor and weapons. The towers of the stronghold offer an amazing panorama of the city and the entire La Mancha plain.

The castle was built as the private residence of the first Marquis de Villena - Don Juan Pancheco. The author of the project was the famous Spanish artist Hanequín de Bruselas. Over the centuries, the castle was significantly damaged. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that it was restored to its former glory by Empress Eugenia de Montijo - widow of Napoleon III Bonaparte. She was a descendant of the Pancheco family and lived in Belmonte after her husband's death, giving the property a French flavor.

The International Medieval Fighting Championship has been held in the castle since 2014.


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