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The Guarda District is in eastern Portugal, on the Spanish border. Its terrain is mountainous and dominated by the Serra da Estrela chain. Its capital, Guarda, is the highest city in the country, and the whole area is famous for its beautiful views and medieval castles.

The city of Guarda is located at an altitude of over 1000 m above sea level. Its main monument is the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral Se, around which you can admire Gothic and Renaissance residential houses. Many of them have arcades, which currently houses restaurants and cafes. An attraction of the city is the perfectly preserved old Jewish quarter.

The region is known for its prehistoric monuments. You can trace the history of Portugal from the Neolithic to the early Middle Ages. Near Fornos de Algodres, you can see the Dolmens of Corgas da Matança and Cortiçô. The ruins of the Bronze Age village are visible in Fraga da Pena, and the fort from Santiago in Santiago. Relics of the Roman period are in Maceira and Fornos, while in Forcadas and Vila Ruiva you can admire the medieval cemeteries.

Due to its location near the Spanish border, the region has been strongly fortified since the beginning of the Portuguese state. Castles or their ruins have survived to this day in Pinhel, Sabugal, Sortelha, Marialva, Celorico, Rodrigo, Almeida and Trancoso.