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ÉVORA DISTRICT tourist attractions

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The Evora District in central Portugal is a very attractive place for anyone looking for traces of the past. You can find megalithic monuments from the prehistoric period, the best-preserved Roman temple in Portugal, and many picturesque towns with ancient fortifications.

The capital of the region, Evora, was founded by the Celts and then was an important Roman city. Her Old Town with the Romanesque cathedral Se, a Franciscan monastery decorated with azulejos, a chapel of skulls and defensive walls was inscribed on the UNESCO list. In the center stands the best preserved Roman temple in Portugal from the 2nd century AD

The area around the city is famous for its prehistoric monuments. You can see megalithic menhirs in Almedres, dolmens in Zambujeiro and stone circles in Almendres.

The region is known for its towns with defensive districts located on the hills. The most visited is Arraiolos, where the walls of ancient fortifications surrounding the medieval church rise above the white buildings. Similar buildings can be seen in Alentejo, Terena, São Pedro and Miter.