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The Beja District is in southern Portugal and covers the coastal strip to the Spanish border, bordering the Faro district to the south. It is an agricultural area with a rolling landscape with a picturesque, although still relatively unpopular coast.

The capital of the region is the city of Beja, which has preserved the ruins of a medieval castle, as well as several historic churches, whose interiors are decorated with mosaics of azulejos. In the regional museum you can see elements of ancient buildings from excavations that were built by the Romans.

It is assumed that the surroundings of Beja were developed during the time of Julius Caesar and that it was at his command that the city of Beja was built. There are no traces of the ancient past in the area. The largest archaeological site is located in São Cucufate and includes Roman villas and the Romanesque monastery complex built on their site.

Nature is also a wealth of the region. In the hinterland there is the Natural Park of the Guadiana Valley covering forested hills. It runs through the Rota Vicentina walking trail with a total length of 400 km. The second route, the Fishing Trail, runs along the coast and lets you explore its wild beaches and small villages and ports.