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Alter do Chão Castle

Local name: Castelo de Alter do Chão

Alter do Chão Castle is a medieval stronghold classified as a national monument. The monument can be visited in the historic city center. It was built on the order of King Alfonso II in 1216. The fortress was placed on a strategic place for the defense of the area, on a 270 meter high hill.

A well-preserved medieval fortress is one of the region's greatest tourist attractions. The area inhabited since the pre-Romanesque times was occupied by Portuguese forces in the second decade of the thirteenth century. Built on a square plan, the fortress has slate and granite walls, reinforced with six towers, with a 44-meter watchtower.

A visit to the castle of Alter do Chão is an interesting history lesson for anyone who would like to face a steep staircase, climb the main tower and admire the beautiful view of the countryside. Many permanent historical and cultural exhibitions are currently organized among the medieval walls.



Alter do Chão Castle map
Largo Barreto Caldeira 7440 Alter do Chão, Portugal