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Zgorzelec railway bridge

Local name: Most kolejowy w Zgorzelcu

The arched stone bridge is a structure consisting of 35 spans arranged in six sections forming a 448 m long crossing with the bridge in Bolesławiec, it is the pair of the longest stone structures in the country. The picturesque building resembles Roman aqueducts emerging from abundant greenery.

The viaduct is a solution to the difficult problem of crossing the area covered with numerous watercourses. The structure was almost entirely made of local granite for its construction, allocating 640 686 thalers, constituting material costs and employing 1000 workers and 80 horses. The cement used for the construction was imported from England and Tarnowskie Góry. The first trains went through the viaduct on September 1, 1847, and in 1923 the route was electrified. The bridge survived almost the entire war due to its usefulness for German transports and only in recent months did fragments of its fragments be blown up damaging the two pillars.

Rebuilt in 1954, it still forms part of the European transport corridor E 30 Berlin-Kiev. Trains still use diesel locomotives due to the lack of electric traction on the Węgliniec-Dresden section.


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