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Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum

Local name: Muzeum Henryka Sienkiewicza

The Sienkiewicz Museum occupies a picturesque manor house in Wola Okrzejska, in the past belonging to his grandmother, Felicjanna Cieciszewska. Inside, it invites a carefully recreated living room and a very rich collection of memorabilia documenting the writer's life and work.

The museum collection is divided into four independent exhibitions thematically related to Henry Sienkiewicz. They present the work of the master of the pen, the writer's family traditions and his relationship with the region, the writer's work in sculpture, and in drawing and graphic painting.

In the vicinity of the manor you can also see six outdoor sculptures, and the well-kept area in front of the building equipped with benches allows for a moment of rest and reflection on the size of Sienkiewicz.

The museum's collections are impressive and include both dozens of family photographs, paintings depicting characters from the writer's novels, painted by famous brush masters, but also an extremely rich collection. It includes, among others, unique, first editions of the novel and their translations into Chinese, Arabic, Armenian and Japanese.


Attractions inside

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