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Telemark is located in southern Norway, over the Skagerrak. Stretches from the coast to the vast Hardangervidda plateau. Its coast is a popular destination for summer recreation, skiing has been developing in the western part since the 19th century.

The region is associated primarily with skiing because it was here that the first competition was held. Here, further modifications to the ski equipment and riding style were made. Telemark took its name from the method of landing in ski jumping.

Most of the tourists are attracted by the coast of the region, where there are small resorts and beaches. The most famous of them is Kragerø, in which Edward Munch himself rested. Water enthusiasts can head to Norawegia's largest water park, Bø Sommarland.

The industrial monuments of the district are very interesting. One of them is the Telemark Canal with 18 locks located over a length of 105 km. However, the most important technical monument is the water reservoir and associated installations in Rjukan and Notodden, which have been inscribed on the UNESCO list. Rjukan can also boast of an unusual modern device - a system of mirrors that allows in the autumn and winter to direct sunlight into the valley in which the city lies.

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