SVALBARD tourist attractions

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Svalbard is an archipelago behind the Arctic Circle in the Arctic. It belongs to Norway and consists of several islands, the largest of which is Spitsbergen. Its biggest attraction are the arctic, covered with glaciers, harsh landscapes that can be explored during hiking and skiing trips.

There are only a few towns around the archipelago, the largest of which is the capital of Svalbard, Longyearbyen, in which about 2,000 live. people. The Svalbard Museum and a small museum dedicated to expeditions to the North Pole operate here. There is also a port and airport in Longyearbyen.

The second of the larger towns is the Russian Barentsburg, founded at the currently liquidated coal mine. Another attraction is the abandoned Russian mining settlement Pyramiden.

Svalbard is primarily endless, raw spaces, covered with glaciers, and in the summer in some places overgrown with grass and shrubs. A large population of polar bears lives here, and in connection with their presence, every trip heading deep into the islands must be equipped with weapons. Other animals such as reindeer and sea birds can also be found here.

Svalbard's tourist offer is directed primarily at people who like active tourism. In the summer, trekking in the local mountains, kayaking and cruises along the coast are popular, while in winter ski trips, dog sleds and snowmobiles.