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Østfold is located at the Swedish border, at the mouth of the Oslofjord to the sea. It is a small, highly urbanized region, which is one of the earliest inhabited in Norway. In addition to the coast, which is the destination of many Norwegians for summer, the historic city of Fredrikstad is a big attraction.

The Østfold coast is full of coves and islets that are used by many vacationers for sunbathing. The most famous tourist center of the coastal part of the region is the town of Moss with a marina, low, colorful buildings and a waterfront with numerous restaurants and bars.

In the east of the region on the border with Sweden lies the city of Fredrikstad. Its center is located in the former fortress and is the best preserved fortification system in Norway. From a bird's eye view, it looks like a star, with a regular network of streets and buildings inside. Near the city is the island of Hvaler which is one of the sunniest places in the country.

Due to the long settlement tradition, you can see several interesting monuments in Østfold. The most important of these are rock drawings from the Ice Age near Sarpsborg and stone churches and chapels that are currently on the pilgrimage walking route from Elgåfossen to Son.

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