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Hedmark is located in southeastern Norway on the border with Sweden. This is a large, but not too populous region, whose southern part is one of the few flat areas in Norway. The capital of the region is Hamar, and the majority of the population lives in villages and small settlements.

Due to its surface shape, Hedmark is one of Norway's major agricultural areas. Most of its population lives in the south, while the northern, forested areas are largely deserted.

The Glomma river and its Østerdalen valley dominate the landscape of the region. Within it there are many interesting hiking and skiing routes. At the border with Akershus is Norway's largest lake, Mjøsa, and near the border with Sweden, surrounded by forests, Lake Femunden, whose surroundings are covered by the protected Femundsmarka National Park.

The capital of the Hamar region is a city with a history dating back to the Vikings. The ruins of one of the oldest medieval cathedrals in Norway have survived from this period. There is also an open-air museum in which you can see the traditional rural buildings of the Hedmark region.

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