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Akershus is an administrative region that surrounds the capital of Norway, Oslo like a ring. It is a land of forests, fjords, small towns, which offers plenty of opportunities to spend time actively in nature.

The name of the region comes from the Akershus Fortress, but it is somewhat misleading because fortifications, like Oslo, are not part of it. The capital is the administrative center of the region.

The area around Oslo is covered with coniferous and mixed forests, among which there are several dozen larger and smaller villages and towns. South of the capital, Oslofjord cuts into the land. The villages of Follo, Drøbak, Hvitsten and Son with wooden houses, fishing wharfs and small marinas lie above it. In the past, the greatest Norwegian artists used to relax here, such as Edvard Munch or Singrid Undset.

The village of Eidsvoll, where the Norwegian constitution was signed in 1814, is of great importance for the country's history. Today, there is an educational center connected to the museum. In turn, on one of the islands of the varied coast, you can visit the powerful Oscarsborg Fortress.

Akershus also has opportunities for entertainment and active leisure. Norway's largest amusement park, TusenFryd, operates here, while hiking, biking and skiing routes have been marked out in the forests and on the seafront. Boating, kayaking and yachting on the sea and Oslofjord are also popular.

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