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number 11 in the city

Vichy Water Park

Local name: Vichy Vandens Parkas

A modern water park was built in 2007. Its main theme is the exotic regions of Polynesia. The temperature reaches 30C throughout the year. There are several pools with 9 meter high palm trees between them. Not only a paddling pool with water attractions awaits children, but also a water playground.

Among the attractions there are numerous water slides, a lazy river and various types of showers. The longest slide is 212 m long and is intended for adults and teenagers from 13 years of age. There are also several other slides for both adults and children. For the youngest, from the age of 3, there is a small, 4-meter slide.

In the park there is a fitness club and a gym, a night club and a restaurant connected with a pizzeria. In addition, you can use 18 different types of saunas and baths, including dry saunas and steam rooms.


Attractions inside

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    Ozo gatvė 14C08200 Vilnius , Lithuania