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The Northern District covers areas near the border with Lebanon and Egypt, including the area under UN control of the Golan Heights. There is the Akka crusaders fortress on the UNESCO list, as well as the Sea of Galilee.

The northern part of Israel remains somewhat in the shadow of attractions located in other districts, but for several years it has been more and more often visited by tourists. It is a mountainous area, good for active tourism, including hiking.

Lake Galilee also called Tiberias or Gennesaret is a frequent destination of pilgrimage because it was here that according to The Bible's calling by Jesus the Apostles and many miracles related to the history of salvation. Today it is also a thriving water sports center.

The capital of the region is Nazareth, where Mary lived, and then the whole Holy Family during the childhood of Jesus. The most important monument of the city is the Basilica of the Annunciation, and within the Old Town you can see dozens of churches belonging to various branches of Christianity.

On the coast, right next to the border with Lebanon is Akka, an important port in the Middle Ages and one of the most powerful crusader's fortresses in the Holy Land. On the UNESCO list is its Old Town with numerous churches and defensive walls, as well as the Baha Temple, which is an important center of Baha'i.

The landscape attraction of the coast are the Rosh ha-Nikra caves and the formations created by water and wind in soft chalk rocks.