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The Central District covers a fragment of the Mediterranean coast and the fertile plains along the border with the West Bank. You can see the Turkish fortress of Binar Bashi, as well as one of the few forests in Israel, the Canadian Forest.

The region, due to fertile soil and abundance of water, is known primarily from developed agriculture. The coast, in turn, although less popular than the area around Tel Aviv or Haifa, is often visited by tourists seeking rest on the water. Along the shore you can see sandy dunes that resemble a desert landscape.

The capital of the district is Ramla, in which the famous White Tower stands, which in the past was a minaret of the Grand Mosque. The second largest cave in Israel was discovered in the city in 2006, with corridors exceeding 2.5 km in length.

The most important coastal city in this area is Netanya. The city rises by a beautiful beach, and is also known for its gardens, art galleries and excellent tourist facilities. His attraction is also the only Diamond Museum in Israel.

Over the Yarkon River flowing through the region, there are plains under national park protection. On its site you can see the Turkish fortress of Binar Bashi from the 16th century, a Franciscan monastery that is a center of wine and oil production, as well as the ruins of the church of Emmaus.