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Fota House & Gardens

Fota Manor and Gardens is one of the most beautiful residences in the South of Ireland. It covers almost 300 hectares on the island of Fota. It includes, among others, magnificent Victorian geometric gardens and an arboretum.

The residence was built around 1820 by the Smith-Barry family. In the middle of the 19th century, the house was surrounded by gardens. At that time, an arboretum was also established. Currently, there are trees and shrubs belonging to about a thousand different species from around the world.

The Fota Manor is a good example of the regency style. Its interiors are kept in the spirit of neoclassicism. Official rooms on the ground floor, a kitchen and a children's room with 19th-century toys are available for tourists. Victorian gardens are located near the house. You can see a vegetable and herb garden, which was used to supply the manor, and geometric gardens with flower beds, trimmed shrubs and a greenhouse.


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