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Elizabeth Fort

Fort Elizabeth in Cork is a star-shaped fortification with a total area of approximately one and a half acres. The walls of the fort are now open to the public. Various types of events are also organized here, including stagings prepared by historical reenactment groups.

Fort Elizabeth was built in 1601 and then it was outside the city walls of Cork. The author of the design was Sir George Carew, and the name of the fortifications commemorates Queen Elizabeth I. In the following centuries, the city grew and the fort became a part of it.

In 1690, during the Irish War, the fort fell during the siege of the city and never regained its glory as a defensive fortification. During its long history, it has performed various functions. In the 17th century it was used as barracks, and in the 19th century it was used as a prison. In the 20th century, until 2013, it was the headquarters of the police. Work has been underway since 2014 to transform the fort into a museum and heritage center.


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