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The Vestfirðir Peninsula is the westernmost part of Iceland. It is an area uncontaminated by civilization, full of bays and islets and huge cliffs that descend to the Atlantic with vertical walls.

The region is very difficult to access, especially in winter. Then it is very difficult to venture farther than being the capital city of Ísafjörður because the roads are snow-covered and for 2 months there is a polar night here. If someone manages to get here by plane from Reykjavik, they have a chance to admire the aurora borealis.

Ísafjörður is the capital and the main starting point for tourists arriving in the West Fjords in summer. They are attracted by wild, spectacular landscapes. The interior of the peninsula is mountainous, and the peaks here reach up to 900 m in height. The mountains are very steep and devoid of vegetation. They descend into the ocean with vertical walls forming one of the highest cliffs in Europe.

The peninsula is highly fragmented and its coastline is over 2000 km. There are 50 larger and smaller fjords here, on the banks of which you can wander along the spectacular hiking trails. Puffins nest at the sea, which are the most famous birds of Iceland.

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