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Limoges is a city that has been famous for the production of porcelain since the 18th century. It is considered the French center of its production, and the historical manufacture is still in operation.

The modern history of the city begins in the 11th century, when St-Martial Abbey was established on the site of a former Roman settlement. A city arose around it, which initially consisted of two independent centers, Cite and Chateau. Quite quickly, Limoges became a center of trade and crafts, and in the 13th century its inhabitants started building the Cathedral of St. Stephen. This monumental building was built over several centuries, and its body features Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance elements.

A porcelain factory has been operating in Limoges since the 18th century, although the traditions related to ceramics in the city date back to the Middle Ages. Porcelain from Limoges is considered to be the best and most valuable in France, and the factory operating to this day is one of the city's greatest attractions.

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