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Le Tréport is a seaside holiday town in Normandy. It is situated at the foot of huge chalk cliffs that can be accessed by cable car. There is a pebble, wide beach and a large marina for yachts.

The city has medieval roots and has been an important fishing and trading port since its inception. Destroyed several times during subsequent wars with England, it was rebuilt each time. The remains of the 11th-century monastery and the Gothic church of St. James from the 14th century. The buildings of Le Tréport are compact and relatively low, typical of the port towns of Normandy.

There are as many as three ports in the village, which give it a unique character and atmosphere. The commercial and fishing port has served the local community for centuries, and the life of Le Tréport is concentrated around them. And the tourist marina comes alive during the tourist season when yachts and boats from all over the world come here. The attractions of Le Tréport are the festivals related to the sea: the Days of the Sea, the Herring Festival and the Crustacean Festival. The local cuisine is rich in fish and seafood dishes, and the traditional dish is an omelette with shrimps and mussels.

Visiting Le Tréport also means hiking on the magnificent chalk cliffs. You can get to their top from the city by funicular, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. There are walking routes at the top and the view is second to none. Under the cliffs, there is the second of the great attractions of Le Tréport, a pebble and gravel beach, well-developed in the season, with beach houses and facilities, and a water equipment rental.

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