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Vauban Fortress of Briançon

Local name: Forteresse Vauban de Briançon

The Vaubana Citadel was built in the seventeenth century, walled part of the city of Braincon. It has been on the UNESCO list since 2008. Located on the slopes of the hill. It is laid out in terraces, and picturesque stone buildings can be seen inside the walls.

The citadel was designed by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban to defend the city in the event of an Austrian attack. The fortifications have a starry shape. A large part of the city's former buildings are concentrated inside them. There are stone, two-story tenement houses, narrow streets and the late Baroque church of the Virgin Mary.

The interior of the citadel has retained the charm of a mountain town to this day, with steep narrow streets. Many local houses have decorated facades. Currently, it houses a lot of art studios, handicraft workshops and galleries.


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