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Lubero Regional Natural Park

Local name: Parc naturel regional du Lubero

The Luberon Regional Park includes the mountain range of the same name located in central Provence. It consists of three mountain ranges separated from each other by picturesque valleys. It is a land of beautiful, rural landscapes, small towns with stone buildings and festivals of wine and Provencal cuisine.

Due to its natural and cultural significance, the park is under the protection of UNESCO. It is an area whose height does not exceed 1300 m above sea level. It covers about 600 square kilometers of surface. Many villages located here are terraced on the slopes of hills, which further increases their landscape values.

In the park, apart from natural forests and thickets, you can see vast meadows and vineyards. The traditions of many of them date back to medieval times. There are also famous Provencal lavender fields that attract thousands of tourists and photographers here.


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