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Local name: Ukko-Koli

Located inside: Koli National Park

Ukko-Koli is the highest of the four peaks of the Koli Mountain, located in the Koli National Park in the Lieksa commune. It is 347 m high, and its observation deck offers a picturesque, panoramic view of Lake Pielinen at the foot of the mountain.

The modern Koli Ukko Nature Center is located just a few hundred meters from the view point. It houses exhibitions devoted to the nature of Eastern Finland, with an emphasis on the geology, fauna and flora of the Koli National Park.

On the slopes of Ukko-Kola there are six ski slopes with a length of 800 to 1500 m. Among them is one of the steepest slopes in Finland with a slope of 33.8 degrees. The greatest difference in height here is 230 m, and you can reach the top of the mountain using one of the four ski lifts.


Attractions inside

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    Ylä-kolintie 3983960 Lieksa , Finland