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Kuusamo is a tourist town famous as a ski center and a great base for exploring the Oulanka National Park.

The city is small and is surrounded by forests and lakes. About 20 km to the north there is a range of Ruka hills, not exceeding 500 m above sea level, which has been a famous Finnish winter sports center since the interwar period. There is the Ruka ski resort, the oldest ski school in Finland and a year-round recreation center. Ruka is one of Kuusamo's top attractions and the country's main sports centers. The complex has over 20 routes for downhill skiing, freeride routes, ski jumps where World Cup competitions are held, and approx. 2,000 km of cross-country skiing routes. In summer, you can go hiking, cycling, playing golf, kayaking or taking advantage of the year-round toboggan run.

Visiting the surroundings of Kuusamo is, above all, constant contact with nature. The city is adjacent to the Oulanka National Park, known for its lakes, streams, water cascades and ravines. Its attractions are suspension bridges such as the Pieni Karhunkierros. There are many hiking trails in the park leading to lakes or waterfalls, incl. to Myllykoski or Kiutaköngäs.

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