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Suomenlinna Museum

Local name: Suomenlinna-museo

The Suomenlinna Museum is the main of six museums housed in one of the largest maritime fortresses in the world. It is primarily devoted to the history of the fortress, which was built in 1748 and which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The permanent exhibition presents a variety of exhibits found during excavations carried out on the island. They include tools, weapons and ammunition as well as everyday objects belonging to the soldiers stationed here. The exhibition on the second floor presents the conservation work carried out over the summer in the fortress. There are also special temporary exhibitions devoted to various aspects of the history of the fortress.

In addition to traditional exhibitions with showcases, modern audiovisual material can be viewed during the tour, including a 25-minute film devoted to the history of the fortress from its inception to the present day.


Attractions inside

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    Suomenlinna C74 00190 Helsinki , Finland