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Suomenlinna Church

Local name: Suomenlinnan kirkko

The neoclassical Suomenlinna Church in Helsinki was built in 1854 as an Orthodox church for the Russian soldiers then stationed in the Suomenlinna fortress. In 1918 it was transformed into an Evangelical Lutheran church.

It was originally topped with five onion domes, four of which - like the collection of icons - were dismantled immediately after the church was transformed. Since 1929, the tower with the main dome also serves as a lighthouse - only a dozen churches in the world have a similar, double role. The flashing beacon signal is the Morse code "H", which refers to the name Helsinki.

It is worth mentioning that the church bell weighs 6683 kg and is the largest bell in Finland. It was cast in Moscow in 1885. It is placed in a separate belfry next to the main temple.


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