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Zagreb County surrounds the city of Zagreb from three sides, but it does not belong to it. It covers the mountainous areas of the Medvednica massif, where tourists can enjoy hiking and skiing routes, caves and castle ruins.

Medvednica rises above the Croatian capital, and its areas are protected by a landscape park. Currently, it is the main place of rest and recreation for the inhabitants of the capital. The park has walking and cycling paths, in winter there is a ski slope and cross-country skiing routes. The big attraction is the Veternica cave, where there is an underground tourist route. Walkers willingly go to the highest peak of Medvednica, Sljeme with a height of 1033 m above sea level, where there is a TV transmitter and a viewpoint.

Zagreb's surroundings are also famous for their castles and ruins. Susedgrad, Zelingrad and Medvedgrad are the most famous ones. In Božjakovina you can see the ruins of a medieval castle and the abandoned and decaying 17th-century palace of the Draskovic family.

The towns located in Zagreb are also very nice. Samobor is considered to be the most picturesque, in which buildings around the market square and Jastrebarsk with a castle and a baroque church have survived. In Samobor, try the famous cream cakes.