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Vukovar-Srijem County is located in Slavonia, at the forks of the Danube and Sava. Its main city is Vukovar, while the largest attractions include the archaeological site of Vucedol.

The region is on the Serbo-Croatian border and is still inhabited by a large Serbian minority. During the war in the Balkans in the nineties of the twentieth century fierce fighting took place here, and the bombing of Vukovar is one of the largest and most cruel during the whole war.

Until the war in the Balkans, Vukovar belonged to the most beautiful baroque cities in Croatia. Unfortunately, almost the entire Old Town was destroyed. The reconstruction allowed to restore only a part of the buildings, and to this day the ruins are adjacent to newly built or renovated buildings. The city's attraction is the Archaeological Museum, which presents objects found during excavations in Vucedol.

The Vucedol archaeological site is the most important of its kind in Croatia. Neolithic remains of the settlement were discovered here, which dates back to approx. years BC The stand is open to visitors, and reconstructions have been prepared to better understand the lives of prehistoric inhabitants of these lands.

An interesting place on the map of the county is Ilok, famous for its wine making and autumn harvest festival. The town can also boast of well-preserved city walls.

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