CroatiaVirovitica-Podravina County


+1 attraction

The Virovitice-Podrava region covers a large part of Slavonia, a land on the Croatian-Hungarian border. It is primarily agricultural in nature, and its southern regions touch the Bilogora Mountains, where winemaking flourishes. The region offers opportunities for rural recreation and numerous cycling routes.

There are not many spectacular tourist attractions in Croatia. It is a land largely flat, stretched between the Drawa valley and the hills belonging to Bilogory. Hungarian influences are very strong here, whose history dates back to the 13th century. They are visible in construction, as well as in local customs and cuisine.

The largest city of the region is Virovitica, which boasts the baroque church of St. Rocha belongs to the most beautiful temples from this period in the country. The Paecevic Palace, built in the 19th century and surrounded by a romantic landscape park, is also an attraction.

The flat areas of the region are suitable for cycling, which has flourished here in recent years. New bicycle routes as well as guesthouses and agritourism tailored to the needs of bicycle tourists are emerging. Fishing is also a popular form of recreation, which can be practiced on the Drawa and its tributaries.