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Sisak-Moslavina County occupies vast hilly areas near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an agricultural region dominated by orchards and vineyards. Its biggest attraction is the Lonjsko Polje park with huge colonies of marsh birds.

Lonjsko Polje lies in the Sava Valley. It is one of the largest wetland areas in Croatia and almost 250 species of birds have been recorded here. It is a place created for nature lovers. Observation posts for ornithologists and tourists have recently been established in the swamps. There are also semi-wild Posavl horses in the park. The villages here are distinguished by wooden architecture, including log cabins with a residential attic.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the region has been increasingly focusing on the development of active tourism. To this end, over 1,000 km of bicycle routes have been marked out and a network of cyclist-friendly guesthouses and agritourism was created. In turn, angling tourism develops on numerous rivers.

County is also known for the thermal spa Topusko, which was already visited in Roman times. Currently, apart from sanatoriums and holiday homes, there is a complex of indoor and outdoor pools as well as spa centers.