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POŽEGA-SLAVONIA COUNTY tourist attractions

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The post-Slavonian county belongs to the smallest regions of Croatia and consists of two landscape different parts. The first is formed by the flat Pasawska plain and the second by gentle hills of the Lika area, with numerous vineyards and forests.

The Požega Valley, surrounded by low hills, is considered to be the most beautiful part of the county, through which the Orljava and Londza rivers flow. This area is often visited by cycling enthusiasts, and in recent years a network of routes for cyclists has been created here.

The capital of the region is the city of Požega, which has retained its historical layout and a pretty, Baroque old town. There are several churches worth seeing and a market square surrounded by buildings from the 17th century. The city is known for its one-minute international film festival, which attracts artists from around the world.

The Papuk hills, which are protected by a landscape park, are a very picturesque part of the county. You can admire numerous geological curiosities, thanks to which it was included in the UNESCO Geopark network, as well as waterfalls and virgin forests. The park is made available through a network of walking trails.