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Krapińsko-Zagorska County covers rural, mountainous areas in northern Croatia, near the border with Hungary. The northern slopes of the Medvednica mountains descend here, where the most important Croatian shrine, Marija Bistrica, is located.

The main part of the region is occupied by Zagorje, which also extends to the neighboring Varazdin County. At their foot, in the picturesque mountain village, stands the sanctuary of Marija Bistrica, whose origins date back to the 16th century. Above the church stands a hill called Kalwaria or Mountain of Crosses, to which crowds of pilgrims come here. The village of Marija Bistrica is also famous for folk crafts, including wooden toys, ceramics, candles and baking gingerbread.

The capital of the region, Krapina is a city with traditions dating back to the 12th century. A charming old town with houses with decorated facades has been preserved. The city is known for organizing the Kajkavske popevke festival, which aims to popularize the local Kajka dialect and the Neanderthal Museum, which was established near the cave where the bones of primitive people and animals were discovered.

The region's richness is also thermal waters, which are used in local spas. The most famous of them are Krapinske Teplice and Stubicke Teplice, which at the beginning of the 21st century underwent a thorough renovation and are nowadays equal to spa resorts from Western Europe.

One of the most popular attractions of Croatia is one of the most famous Croatian castles, Veliki Tabor. It stands at the top of the hill and offers a wonderful view of the countryside. It is a Renaissance stronghold built on a semicircular plan with an arcaded courtyard and several towers. The village of Kumrovec, which is a living open-air museum recreating the realities of rural life from the beginning of the 20th century, is also of great interest.

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