CroatiaKoprivnica-Križevci County


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The Koprivnicko-Križevinska County lying on the border with Hungary is treated primarily as a transit area on the way to the south of Croatia. Its main attractions are the two largest cities Koprivnica and Križevci
Koprivnica is known mainly for large Podravka food factories, which produce spices available on markets in many European countries. However, the city has much more to offer. During the Turkish rule there was a fortress here, fragments of which have survived to this day. A pretty, Baroque old town and numerous churches, churches and two synagogues have been preserved.

Križevci, located in the center of the region, consists of two former centers - Lower and Upper, which were connected in the 18th century. Here you can see several interesting churches, including the cathedral decorated with frescoes. In the area belonging to the City Museum there is a small open-air museum with traditional architecture of the surrounding villages, and the local zoo is a big attraction.

County is primarily of agricultural character, and its landscape is dominated by arable fields and orchards. In the vicinity of Koprivnica, in the Drawa valley there are three lakes Soderica, Jegenis and Vidak, which are used for recreational purposes.