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BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY tourist attractions

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The Bielsko-Bilogora County is one of the most peaceful and distant parts of Croatia from the main tourist centers. it is a land of gentle hills, forests and active tourism, especially cycling.

The region's largest city is the former fortress Bjelovar, which is famous for cheese production and agricultural markets. The city has preserved a lot of baroque and eclectic buildings, as well as fragments of ancient fortifications. The city center has preserved the historic layout with the buildings of the former garrison and wide streets.

The most famous cities in the region are Daruvar and Daruvarskie Toplice, a popular thermal spa located at the foot of the Papuk hills. The resort offers spa treatment options as well as modern recreational facilities using hot mineral springs.

A large part of the region is occupied by the low mountains of Bilogora, which are perfect for walking and cycling trips. In recent years, the focus has been particularly on the development of a network of bicycle routes that have connected the villages offering accommodation in agritourism. In this area you can also see numerous vineyards, and in the village of Maglenča the only museum in the country of the Roma Roma Lvari, one of the Roma groups living in Croatia. Bilogorato is also the region where the Czech national minority lives. Their main center is the village of Končanici, which also has the oldest fish farm in the country.