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Villa de Leyva is a small town famous for its perfectly preserved colonial architecture. There is the largest market in Colombia, measuring 120 by 120 m, cobbled streets and low, one or two-story white tiled houses. You can also visit some interesting museums.

In the past, the city was an important trading point on the map of Colombia. It has not been damaged and thanks to this it still impresses with its historic buildings. When visiting Villa de Leyva, you must visit the Main Square surrounded by low, white houses with sloping roofs and green shutters. One of them houses the Luis Alberto Acun Museum. Another interesting building is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. There are also several other museums in the city, including the Antonio Narino Museum and the Carmen Museum showcasing religious art.

A major attraction of Villa de Leyva is the Paleontological Research Center, which presents fossils and other objects found during excavations carried out in the vicinity. The large Monquirá Archaeological Park is located in the suburbs of Villa de Leyva.

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