CAUCA tourist attractions

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Cauca is a department in Colombia that includes picturesque mountainous areas and a small stretch of the coast with the beautiful island of Gorgona. It is a land of stunning views, winding mountain roads and coffee crops.

The region is a good place for people who appreciate contact with nature and do not want to visit cities. There are not many of these here and they are quite small. The main wealth of Cauca are landscapes and nature. There are several wonderful national parks in the Andean countryside.

The biggest attractions of Cauca are the Purace National Park with the Purace Volcano, the Munchique National Park and the Cueva de los Guacharos National Park. They offer visitors wild, mountainous, forested landscapes and traditional villages hidden among them. Cauca's parks are best explored with local guides.

Besides the mountain parks, one of the main attractions of Cauca is the Isla Gorogona National Park. The island is located near the coast and is famous for its tropical vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches.

The entire region also has an extremely rich history and culture. Native American tribes such as Guambianos, called children of water and rainbow, live here to this day. In their villages you can buy traditional handicrafts and see life in the mountains up close. On the other hand, the pre-Columbian history of Cauca can be learned by visiting the National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro, where there are, among others, rock tombs and stone cult sculptures.