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Cali is one of the largest cities in Colombia. Its location on the Andean slopes gives it beautiful views. It is also an important industrial center and is known throughout the country as one of the most important salsa centers.

Until the 1990s, Cali was associated with one of the largest Colombian drug cartels. That fame continues with him to this day, even though the gangs were smashed by the military and the police many years ago. However, there are still many very poor neighborhoods in Cali where crime is a big problem. Entering them is strongly discouraged and the police are unable to provide security in such a place.

However, the city center has definitely been revived since the beginning of the 21st century. The main attraction in Cali are the numerous salsa schools and music clubs where you can dance and learn from local dancers every evening. Salsa fans from all over the world come here to learn.

Visiting Cali does not provide many monuments. The most important are the Ermita Church, San Francisco Church, La Merced Church, and San Pedro Apostol Metropolitan Cathedral. Most of the buildings, however, are contemporary. The most important meeting place is Caicedo Square planted with tall palm trees and the representative Rio Boulevard.

One of the highlights of Cali is the zoo, where you can see many species of South American animals. The city also has many museums such as the La Tertulia Museum, the Calima Gold Museum, the La Merced Archaeological Museum and the La Marced Religious Art Museum.

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