ARATOCA tourist attractions

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Aratoca is a small town surrounded by forested mountains. It is the perfect base for a visit to the Chicamocha National Park including, among others, deep canyon of the Chicamocha river.

The town itself has no attractions or monuments. Currently, it is focused primarily on serving tourists coming to the Chicamocha National Park. Among the attractions in the vicinity of Aratoca are, among others numerous walking routes, guided caves and the remarkable Santandereanidad Monument, symbolizing the cultural achievements of the region.

The most famous place in the park is the Chicamocha Canyon, where you can, among others, do rafting. In the park, you can travel by the Chicamocha cable car, which takes you to one of the scenic peaks. A contemporary attraction of this area and of Aratoc itself is the Panachi Aquapark, situated in a beautiful mountain setting.