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Viña del Mar is a famous Chilean seaside resort. Often called the Garden City, it is one of the favorite vacation spots of the country's elite. It attracts with beautiful beaches, extensive infrastructure and seaside residences.

The city is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, in the vicinity of sandy beaches. In summer, beaches such as El Sol, Reneca, Caleta Abarca, Acapulco and Deporte are crowded with tourists. Most of them have good facilities and also offer the possibility of practicing water sports. A promenade runs along the beaches, leading, among others, to to Molo Vergara.

The seaside part of Viña del Mar is now built up with hotels and apartment buildings. However, among them you can still find elegant mansions from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Even then, the city attracted the financial, political and cultural elite of the country. Today in Viña del Mar you can visit Wulff Castle, Vergara Palace, Brunet Castle and Cerro Castillo Presidential Palace.

Called the Garden City, Viña del Mar has many natural attractions. The most important of them is the Botanical Garden with plants from different climatic zones. Numerous squares, such as Plaza Vergara, Plaza de Mexico and Plaza Colombia, are drowned in greenery and blooming flowers. While exploring the city, you can also go to the Gomez Carreno Natural Park on its outskirts.

While visiting Viña del Mar, you can also visit the local museums such as the Museum of Decorative Arts. The Artequin Museum or the Fonck Museum.

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