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Pucón is the Chilean center of active tourism. It is situated at the foot of the Villarica volcano, on Lake Pucón and adjacent to the Huequehue National Park. All this makes it an ideal base for enthusiasts of mountain hiking and water tourism.

The city is a large tourist center with a developed accommodation and service base, including numerous agencies that organize various trips in the area. You can use, among others from a guided hike to the Villarica volcano, take an off-road excursion, rent a kayak, go rafting on a river or simply go hiking on one of the many trails of the Huequehue National Park.

The location of Pucón makes the lake one of its greatest attractions. It is a perfect place for both peaceful rest and practicing water sports. The most famous place here is the Black Beach, named after the color of the sand that covers it. The color, of course, is related to the activity of the Villarica volcano and other volcanic phenomena that have occurred here over the centuries. The Grande Beach is also very popular.

Visiting Pucón does not have too many city attractions. The center and tourist districts are primarily accommodation and service facilities, and the city surroundings are the real wealth. In addition to the Huequehue National Park and the Villarica National Park, you can also go on a trip to the beautiful Salto la China and Slato El Leon waterfalls. The big challenge is climbing the Villarica Volcano, which is still active and starts to come to life from time to time. Then the routes on its slopes are closed to tourists.

For lovers of extreme sports, Ojos de Caburgua Loop is a unique attraction of the Pucón area - a route where you can practice downhill, while lovers of peaceful relaxation can take advantage of the thermal baths.

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