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Panguipulli is a tourist town in an area known for its lakes and volcanoes. There are many trekking routes in its surroundings, and mountain rivers and lakes are perfect for canoeing and rafting.

The city was founded in 1946, but from the 18th century there was a settlement in its place. In 1906, Capuchins settled there, who built the first school in the area, and also erected a wooden, two-tower church referring to Swiss Alpine architecture. Today it is the most important monument and symbol of Panguipulli.

The Villarrica Volcano rises above the entire area, to which excursions from nearby Pucon are organized. It is a characteristic element of the local landscape and can be admired from various places. However, it is not the only volcano in the area. Quetrupillan, Mocho-Choshuenco and several other cones also rise here. Volcanic phenomena are related to geothermal phenomena, so one of the attractions of Panguipulli and the surrounding area are the thermal springs that can be visited in Liquine. The volcanic phenomena of these areas are brought closer to the Volcanoes Museum located in the mountains above Panguipulli.

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