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Hanga Roa is the only city on Easter Island and the main tourist base for exploring its amazing sights. Most of the island's population lives here, and there are numerous agencies that organize excursions to archaeological sites and moai viewing.

The entire Easter Island is on the UNESCO list. Its biggest attraction is the moai statues that were built by the local population before the reach of Europeans. These are huge sculptures of human heads, the purpose of which is still not entirely clear to scientists.

While visiting Hanga Roa, you can walk to the Ahu Tahai site not far from the center, where several such sculptures stand. Another famous Hanga Roa attraction is the Ahu Ko Te Riku statue - a figure wearing a huge stone hat.

The buildings in Hanga Roa are contemporary and there are no historical monuments. An important attraction of the city is the Rapa Nui Museum, which shows the history and culture of Easter Island.

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