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Castro is the largest city on the Chilean island of Chiloé. It is mainly known for the preserved stilt houses that stand on the seashore. There are also 2 wooden churches in the city that have been entered on the UNESCO list.

The main attraction of Castro are the stilt houses, which are best admired from the Gamboa viewpoint. It is one of the last clusters of this type of development on the island. Its buildings come from different periods. Some of the houses were built at the end of the 19th century, others are contemporary structures. However, there are hardly any differences between them, and the entire Gamboa district, colorful and very compact, makes a great impression.

A visit to Castro also includes a visit to two interesting churches. There are wooden churches on Chiloé that reflect brick architecture, mainly neo-gothic and neo-baroque. 14 such churches have been entered on the UNESCO list. In the city itself you can see the San Francisco church, and in the Nercon district, on its outskirts, the Church of Our Lady.

Castro's attractions also include the local museums, the regional museum, where you can see numerous monuments from the history of the entire island, and the Museum of Contemporary Art with a rich collection of works by Chilean artists.

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