ARICA tourist attractions

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Arica is an important Pacific port and seaside resort with over 20 km of sandy beaches. Due to the earthquakes and tsunamis that have hit it several times in the past, there are not many monuments, but it makes up for the possibility of spending time by the sea and practicing water sports.

The city was founded by the Spaniards in the mid-16th century, and people appeared in these areas much earlier. The archaeological site of Pucar√° de Copaquilla is nearby, where you can see the preserved ruins of the estate and fort from around the 11th-12th centuries. Since its inception, Arica has been an important port. Until 1880 it was located in Peru, and Chilean troops seized it during the war for nitrate. Destroyed twice by an earthquake and tsunami in the 19th century, it was rebuilt as a modern port, and in the 20th century also as a seaside resort.

The heart of Arici is the Plaza Colon square surrounded by post-colonial buildings. The most important monument that is worth visiting while visiting Arici is the Cathedral of San Marcos, built in 1870 according to the design of Gustav Eiffel.

The great attraction of Arici is the coastal rock of Moro de Arica. In the past, there was a Peruvian fort on it, the occupation of which in 1880 by Chilean troops resulted in the incorporation of this city to Chile. The rock, which rises to a height of 140 m above sea level, is now a great viewpoint over the port and the city.

Arcia is the most important seaside resort of northern Chile. There are about 20 km of sandy, well-prepared beaches, the most famous of which are Chinchorro beach and La Lisera beach. There is also the world-renowned Surf Arica resort with excellent conditions for surfing. The waves here, called El Gringo, are much appreciated by surfers and host championship competitions.

The city is also a great starting point for the picturesque Lauca National Park, where you can make a trip, among others. above Lake Chungara, located at an altitude of over 4500 m above sea level. Another attraction in the Arica area is the thermal bath Termas de Jurasi.