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Balchik Palace

Local name: Архитектурно-парков комплекс „Двореца“

The extensive palace complex was built on the shores of the Black Sea in 1926-1937 as the residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Koburg. It consists of 46 buildings and 170 other architectural, archaeological and historical elements. Among them, the most important are the palace, a series of smaller villas, wine cellars, a monastery, springs and an extensive botanical garden.

The palace was built according to the design of the Italian architects Augustino and Americo. Its architecture is intertwined with Balkan, Oriental, Moorish and Gothic motifs. This can be seen, for example, in the Christian chapel topped with an extravagant minaret.

Currently, the palace and garden are open to the public. Some of the former villas were converted into hotels for tourists. You can also see the restored water mills here.


Attractions inside

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    Kurortna zona Dvoretsa 19600 Balchik , Bulgaria