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Local name: Kraanlei

Kraanlei is a street in the center of Ghent, which took its name from a wooden crane (kraan), installed on the banks of the river Lys (Leie). Built in the 16th century, it was used for unloading barges. Currently, Kraanlei is one of the most interesting arteries of the old city because of the historic buildings located next to it, with houses called "seven works of mercy" and "playing the flute".

The house of seven works of mercy is known for its elaborately decorated facade. There are six reliefs depicting acts of mercy towards the body: hungry to feed, thirsty to drink, naked clothe, comforting prisoners, haunt the sick and bury the dead. The fourth work of mercy is missing - travelers at home receive. It was speculated that the order was missing because it was fulfilled by the inn located in the building.

At Kraanlei there is a façade with a peeing boy shaped, called the Manneken Pis in Ghent (unlike the famous sculpture in Brussels).


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    Kraanlei 9000 Ghent , Belgium