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Swarovski Crystal World

Local name: Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens is a crystal exhibition in operation since 1995 - it was established on the 100th anniversary of the operation of the local crystal factory and thus - the founding of Swarovski. The whole consists of 14 "crystal" rooms. The main attractions include: a wall lined with 12 tons of crystals, a crystal pyramid consisting of 590 pieces of mirrors and, above all, the world's largest cut crystal.

Swarovski's crystal worlds are Austria's second-most-popular tourist attraction - approximately 700,000 people visit it annually. The total number of visitors after 12 years of operation has already reached over 12 million people.
There is also a lot of attractions for children - including a playground and a maze, as well as places to rest - cafes and restaurants.

You can get to the museum on your own, but there is also a crystal train, in which each guest is treated with champagne.


Attractions inside

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    Kristallweltenstraße 16112 Wattens , Austria